Mueran Humanos - Hospital Lullabies
MUERAN vinyl

Cinema Paradiso presents Mueran Humanos’ third LP ‘Hospital Lullabies’, available to order now on CD & Vinyl

Listen/Watch first single ‘La Gente Gris’:

Mueran Humanos consists of Carmen Burguess (vocals, drum machine, moog synth, samplers) and Tomas Nochteff (vocals, bass, MPC, tapes) who together make propulsive, unfurling Spanish language songs, using avant-garde methods with a punk attitude.

In 2011 the Mueran Humanos self titled LP was unleashed into the world by legendary industrial label Old Europa Cafe in Europe and boutique NYC label Blind Prophet Records taking them from small venues in the German capital to small venues all over the world. Following several single releases (“Culpable” on Southern Records UK, 2012 and “El Cìrculo”, on Vanity Case UK, 2013) - they were signed by ATP in 2015 for their second album "Miseress".

Their third LP “Hospital Lullabies”, is not only a direct and seamless continuation of their second album (with “Epilog'“, the final track from “Miseress” acting as the intro to “Vestido”, first track from “Hospital Lullabies”) but is also a companion piece to a movie of the same name directed by Carmen Burguess.

Mueran Humanos -Pilar Gost 1.png

Hospital Lullabies consists of delicate dream-like moments (Vestido, with its techno-meets-Terry Riley rhythm), motorik cosmic freakouts (Alien), EBM floor-fillers (Los Problemas del Futuro), avant-garde poetry soundscapes (Cuando una Persona Común), and New Order/OMD-esque electro dance-pop ballads (Detrás de una Flor).  

Balanced by feelings of romance and optimism and an overwhelming sense of childlike wonder with a thematic linear thread that ties everything together, and the album really should be approached as a whole rather than a mere collection of songs. This is without question their most refined and cohesive statement so far.

Mueran Humanos -Pilar Gost 3 .png


­­­1. Vestido

2. Los problemas del futuro

3. Alien

4. Detrás de una flor

5. Guardián de piedra

6. Cuando una persona común se eleva

7. La gente gris



28-Jun-19 BERLIN, Urban Spree Tickets

30-Jun-19 KULTURKOSMOS MÜRITZ, Fusion Festival

16-Aug-19 BUDAPEST, Fekete Zaj

31-Aug-19 SKOPJE,  Zdravo Mladi

22-Sep-19 MADRID, Sala Sirocco

24-Sep-19 SEVILLA, Sala X

27-Sep-19 BARCELONA, The Garage

01-Oct-19 MARSEILLE, Molotov

02-Oct-19 ST ETIENNE, Disorder Club

21-23 May 20 AMOUGIES, Wafe Fest

Album release date: 5 July 2019


DATE : Saturday September 28th, 2019

VENUE: Troxy, 490 Commercial Road, London


Released in 2001, Terry Zwigoff’s feature length film Ghost World, an adaptation of the Daniel Clowes comic series, starred a young Scarlett Johannson alongside Thora Birch and Steve Buscemi – immediately became a success with critics and public alike, remaining a cult classic to this day.

On Saturday 28 September 2019, Cinema Paradiso Recordings will present an immersive screening of both Ghost World and Zwigoff’s earlier documentary film Crumb at the Troxy Cinema, 490 Commercial Road, London. Kicking off the evening with an introduction and Q&A by Terry Zwigoff, the Troxy will host not only both film screenings, but also live performances from soundtrack artists, immersive installations, as well as more to be announced in the coming months.

Cinema Paradiso Recordings - in association with Shanachie - released the Ghost World soundtrack on vinyl for the very first time in April; a double gatefold LP on standard black vinyl, as well as a very special ‘Enid Hair Green’ coloured pressing limited to only 500 units worldwide. With each online order, Cinema Paradiso recordings shipped out the record with a plain yellow bag, matching the one Seymour (Buscemi) gives Enid (Birch) to carry her first blues compilation, as well as a Mongoose postcard and Ghost World Door Hang. The Cinema Paradiso Recordings Ghost World black vinyl will continue to ship with these extras whilst stocks last.

As with his earlier documentary film Crumb, for the Ghost World soundtrack Zwigoff compiled a mixtape of lost Americana every bit as illustrative as K-Billy’s Super Sounds of the 70s and informative as Alan’s Lomax’s Sounds of the South...

Mohammed Rafi’s 1965 Jaan Pehechaan opens the film – a stunning combination of Bollywood brass and strings with the type of grinding Las Vegas lounge rock that Betty Page liked to shake a tassel to. Vince Giordano provided three Prohibition evocative pieces demonstrating just why he was a natural choice for the later Buscemi featuring hit Boardwalk Empire. Craig Ventresco’s Scalding Hot Coffee Rag features on both Crumb and Ghost World’s soundtracks - his raucous yet sensitive playing style is a welcome alternative to the scholarly, delicate approach that usually characterizes ragtime guitar recordings. Ghost World also included the Blueshammer (a fictional band made up of cast members) cock-rock rendition of Pickin' Cotton Blues. Fortunately for us (unlike Seymour) it’s all over soon and the remainder of the soundtrack continues on with rare Americana from Zwigoff’s own 78 record collection.

Crumb features several pieces from Irish born ragtime composer Joseph Lamb and two inclusions from Louisiana born blues singer Geesha Wiley. Her relationship with singer/guitarist Elvie Thomas (included alongside Wiley on Skinny Leg Blues) makes Thelma & Louise seem dull by comparison. Elsewhere, other deep south legends such as Jelly Roll Morton, Dick Justice and James P.Johnson make the Cinema Paradiso Recordings Crumb edition as worthwhile a purchase as Enid’s of County Blues Classics Volume 3. The event at on 28 September at the Troxy with Zwigoff promises to be just as entertaining and memorable as his screen classics.

Crumb will be released on vinyl through Cinema Paradiso Recordings for the very first time later this year.

Cinema Paradiso presents the Ghost World soundtrack on vinyl

Together with Shanachie, Cinema Paradiso is proud to present the Ghost World soundtrack, released on vinyl for the very first time, as a double gatefold LP.

Alongside the standard black edition we are also offering a very special ‘Enid Hair Green’ coloured vinyl - limited to just 500 units worldwide.


A film adaptation of the popular Daniel Clowes comic of the same name, Ghost World starred Scarlett Johannson, Thora Birch and Steve Buscemi, becoming a critically acclaimed cult favourite immediately upon its release in 2001.

As he did with Crumb, director Terry Zwigoff has created a soundtrack as eclectic and riveting as his movie subjects.

The sounds of early jazz and blues play a crucial role in the events of Ghost World - the music heard here is some of the best ever recorded.

Skip James's classic "Devil Got My Woman" from 1931 may be the best-known work on this soundtrack, but it hardly steals the show. Three tracks from weird but riveting jazz-meets-calypso bandleader Lionel Belasco are included; the 70-year-old recordings are so original, they sound timeless. The same praise can be stated of film opener "Jaan Pehechaan Ho" a Bollywood rarity that has elements of surf music, funk, and garage rock. Of course, we also have to hear "Graduation Rap" and Blueshammer's "Pickin' Cotton Blues" two intentionally bad contemporary tracks that make the characters in the movie (and anyone listening to this soundtrack) feel out of place in today's pop culture.

Zwigoff wisely fills out the LP with tracks from his personal 78 record collection, a mix of '20s and '30s string band and blues tunes that are seldom found in compilations (including great cuts by the Dallas String Band, Joe Calicott, and McGee Bros).

The haunting "Theme from Ghost World" composed by David Kitay, finishes off the second LP, perfectly capturing all the bittersweet moods found in the film.